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We help you manage your research, collaborate, and build academic networks through an all-in-one platform.

Organize Your Research
Project overview showing uploaded data and files, communication with your team and progress of your research.

An intuitive platform for managing your research and communication

Based on extensive expertise in performing and coordinating scientific projects and networks, we provide a digital platform that is focused on making your research more effective.

Advance faster with research-focused project management

As scientific projects are becoming increasingly complex, we provide you with a key tool to increase the effectiveness of your research: a science-focused project management system. With projects, collaborations and your data infrastructure in once place, your research becomes better organized and more transparent. This provides you and your group with an ideal basis to progress faster and to identify new synergies.
Schematic overview of data and project management on foldercase.
Figure showing the benefits of having a single digital platform for your research group.

Build a digital platform for your research group and institution

In science, communication and transparency are among the most important success factors. It is critical to have a central platform to exchange information, within your research group, your institution and collaborative network. Foldercase allows you to work in teams and disseminate information to your local and global scientific network. This will allow you to advance more effectively, and support collaboration between departments and institutions.

Build well-organized research collaborations and academic networks

When academic networks are built without an underlying system for organization, it can quickly become difficult to keep track of ongoing projects and progress. Foldercase allows you to build collaborative research and other academic networks easily, to link them with your local projects, as well as laterally with other initiatives. This provides you with a digital representation that makes your network transparent and organized, and that fosters synergies among all participating academics and institutions.
Foldercase helps you organize your research collaborations and academic networks.
On foldercase, you can manage your data infrastructure without releasing sensitive information.

Manage your data infrastructure without disclosing sensitive information

With many areas of science becoming more data-driven, it is crucial to be able to record, harmonize, and integrate available data. In addition, data are often sensitive and cannot be easily transferred between storage locations. Foldercase provides tools to manage data infrastructures - within your group and collaborative networks, without the need to disclose potentially sensitive information. Data is recorded using anonymized annotation, allowing you and your collaborators to effectively generate inventories, and communicate with regards to standards, harmonization, processing, and (potentially federated) data analytics.

Find out why foldercase is the right platform for your research

  • Foldercase is highly intuitive and allows organizing complex projects in a simple way.
  • Our platform can be flexibly extended to incorporate new features. Let us know what you need!
  • Foldercase provides tools to integrate existing repositories and resources.
  • Flexibly extend your digital infrastructure - from a single project to a large academic network.
  • Providing a transparent infrastructure contributes to an inclusive, positive working environment.
  • Foldercase protects your projects, collaborations and data infrastructure through a backup system.
  • Our platform makes onboarding of new colleagues, as well as hand-overs easier and more efficient.
  • Project-specific communication aids in advancing research projects, and supports supervision and collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of research has foldercase been designed for?
    Foldercase is a very flexible platform that supports most areas of research. It is similarly flexible in terms of scale, whether you would like to manage a single project, an entire research group's work, or a large-scale international academic network. Therefore, you can join as an individual or as a research team, and you can flexibly add or remove teams as your research progresses.
  • Is foldercase a free platform for academic purposes?
    Yes, foldercase is permanently free for academic purposes.
  • I am already using tools for file sharing and collaborative programming. What's the benefit of using foldercase?
    Foldercase allows you to manage your research in one place. This means that you can integrate your existing storage solutions and repositories into your foldercase projects and use the platform as a transparent, science-focused project management tool.
  • What is the benefit of using foldercase compared to other team-working platforms?
    Team-work in research has very specific needs that are not fully addressed by general purpose team-working platforms. Areas where this is relevant include the privacy-preserving recording of data resources, their exchange across project partners, the sharing of local projects with collaborative networks, or managing harmonization and governance. By providing these tools in one place, foldercase aims to comprehensively support research.
  • Can foldercase be used for exchanging research data?
    With foldercase, you can manage your research data in a way that does not endanger sensitive information. This means that your data can be recorded by meta-data entries, and you can share these records with your colleagues and collaborators. This enables communication regarding data harmonization, processing or analytics, without the need to upload sensitive research data directly.
  • Our research group has difficulties organizing data. How can foldercase help?
    Data records on foldercase capture dependencies between datasets, such as between original raw data and processed versions. You can also store your processing scripts with the respective datasets and link them to a given research project, in order to organize your data infrastructure. Also, you can upload variable names and anonymized observation identifiers, making your data searchable without endangering sensitive information.

Further Tools that Help You Organize Your Research


To keep track of all your milestones and important events, we provide project-specific timelines with flexible reminders.

Lab Notebooks

To ensure good scientific practice, foldercase provides project-specific laboratory notebooks for you and your research group.

Data Governance

To support well-organized data analytics in collaborative networks, we provide tools for analysis plan generation and review.

Data Dictionaries

Harmonizing data in research networks is critical. We provide you with a tool to share data dictionaries across research networks.

Typical users and applications of the foldercase platform

  • Individual scientists who like to organize their research projects and work more effectively.
  • PhD students who would like to track the progress of their project and interact with supervisors and colleagues.
  • Research groups looking for a digital platform to communicate and organize their day-to-day work.
  • Research groups that would like to get a transparent overview of all ongoing projects and collaborations.
  • Research groups that would like to create an inventory of their datasets, track processing and communicate with regards to processing.
  • Scientists who are starting a new research collaboration and are looking for an intuitive system to organize it.
  • Academics involved in ongoing or new academic networks that could profit from a digital infrastructure that allows network members to communicate.
  • Research networks with geographically-distributed data sources, aiming to build a harmonized inventory as a basis for (federated) analytics.

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