Manage your research projects and collaborations - all in one place

Manage all your projects and data, communicate and share resources - foldercase connects scientists, to advance research faster together.

Project overview showing uploaded data and files, communication with your team and progress of your research.

Foldercase is a collaboration platform for research project management

All information in one place

Capture everyting you need for your scientific work on one platform, such that your team is always up-to-date.
Schematic overview of data and project management on foldercase.
Figure showing information exchange on foldercase

Speak a common language

Organize your projects in a harmonized way across your institution to effectively communicate and share resources.

Speed-up searches

Search your data infrastructure in seconds, through anonymized indexing.
Search functionality across datasets and data features.
Collaboration overview with exchange of datasets, updates and achievements.

Work together

Have project-specific discussions with your colleagues, share files and contribute to collaborations.

Share your work with partners

Let members of your collaborations see relevant parts of your data infrastructure, in order to support your joint work.
Illustration of shared projects as part of collaborations with colleagues.
Project management functionality with task management and project timelines.

Manage your projects

Set project-related tasks with your team and track progress to advance faster.

How does foldercase help you manage your research?

Make science transparent

With foldercase your entire team knows about ongoing projects and the underlying data infrastructure. You won't miss opportunities for interesting collaborations and eliminate the risk that useful information gets lost or forgotten about.

Keep track of how datasets are processed

Ensure highest scientifc standards by tracking processing steps and storage locations. With annotated hierarchies of processed information, and work by your team recorded in labbooks, it's easy to comply with good scientifc practice and keep your work relevant for the future.

Share and support collaborations

Keep track of distributed information infrastructures and make these available for cooperative work. Find data you need for your research and share standards to harmonize your resources. Get ready for integrated analyses with your colleagues.

Ensure efficient onboarding of new colleagues

Getting an instant overview of ongoing work accelerates the onboarding of new team members. Your new colleagues will immediately know about the status of your research and existing resources, and will get up to speed quickly.

Find new synergies

Bring all necessary information together on one platform to identify new synergies and advance your research. Getting an integrated overview of data from different sources used to be diffiult. Now you simply link them through anonymized identifiers and perform effective searches in seconds.

Be more efficient

Creating project timelines and distributing tasks among your colleagues lets you progess more efficiently. Research is a team effort. Communicate with your colleagues and let them know when tasks will be ready, so you can advance your work together.